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-The privacy of every one of our customers is important to NoseWheel.

Anyone may visit the NoseWheel website without disclosing personal data (name, address etc.).

Personal data is only requested by NoseWheel if it is needed to optimise the services provided to you. The purpose of collecting personal data is to make it possible for you as an NoseWheel website user to adapt it to your own personal needs and to provide you with information, if required, on specific topics, also by e-mail. The objective is also to make it easier for you to order services and purchase products from the NoseWheel website.

NoseWheel treats personal data provided by you online according to the principles enumerated below.

1. Disclosure and Transparency
The privacy statement explains how NoseWheel treats personal data and informs you about NoseWheel's data protection policy.

Customers can make relevant inquiries, obtain specific information and order services and/or purchase products at the NoseWheel website. To be able to supply such services, NoseWheel needs information about your identity, how to contact you and information to make the transactions possible, including the use of credit cards.
It is NoseWheel´s aim to constantly improve the present website and to orient its products and services to customers' requirements. To help us to achieve this aim we ask you to voluntarily supply us with detailed information about your field of work and activities, information about what you expect from and your assessment of NoseWheel products and services, your general opinion of how the NoseWheel website is developing and the possibility of our staff contacting you.

2. Service-Oriented Data Processing and Use
Your data is processed and used by NoseWheel to help us to provide you with the best possible service to meet your needs.
We use your data, for example, to help us to process transactions that you have requested, to pass on information about NoseWheel products and services and to further improve our website.
Your credit card information will only be used in conjunction with payments and will neither be stored nor processed for any other purpose.
NoseWheel may send you information on products and/or services and ask for your opinion on NoseWheel's development work. You always have the option at any time of refusing this kind of information and you can decline such inquiries and information in the future. If you do so, NoseWheel will make every endeavour to ensure that no further information is sent to you. Furthermore, every user can stipulate in advance that no such inquiries and information are to be sent.

3. Passing on Data
Any personal data that you provide online to the NoseWheel website will basically only be passed on to other NoseWheel Affiliates and/or business partners if deemed appropriate according to the principles outlined above. In any other situation personal data will only be passed on to third parties after securing your prior consent or if we are required by law to do so.

NoseWheel Affiliates and/or business partners are bound by the Data Protection Policy and Confidentiality Agreements in the same way as NoseWheel itself.
Data provided by you online may also be linked to information passed on by NoseWheel when services or products are ordered.

4. Preliminary Information Subject to Consent
Under no circumstances will personal data that you provide online be used in any other way than that described here unless we inform you first and obtain your consent.

5. Update, Information and Amendment
NoseWheel strives to ensure that personal date is constantly kept up to date and accurate. You can inform NoseWheel of alterations to your personal data at any time. The data will then be updated and amended accordingly. If you wish NoseWheel will send you by email the personal data that you submitted to us when you registered at the NoseWheel website.

6. Data Security
NoseWheel makes every effort using the latest state of the art to protect personal data against accidental and illegal destruction and loss. NoseWheel endeavours to ensure that such data is used in a proper manner and to protect it from unauthorised access. Critical data (such as credit card information) is stored in encrypted form only.

7. Data Confidentiality
NoseWheel personnel are under obligation to maintain data confidentiality even after termination of their employment relationship.

8. Further Development and Data Protection
The NoseWheel Data Protection Policy is based on our absolute commitment to actively protecting data and maintaining data confidentiality. NoseWheel regards continuous development and improvement of its data protection standards as an indispensable component of a successful data protection policy.

-9. Terms of Use
Before using the www.NoseWheel.com website, you must declare your agreement to the Terms of Use as outlined below.
By using the www.NoseWheel.com website, you accept the Terms of Use.
If you do not accept the Terms of Use, you are not permitted to use the www.NoseWheel.com website.
Any breach of the Terms of Use outlined here or other remaining legal provisions at the www.Nosewheel.com website will automatically result in termination of your authorisation to use the website and you must destroy any materials downloaded or printed from it.

10. Copyright
NoseWheel permits you to use the www.NoseWheel.com website for non-commercial purposes only, unless you have an Agreement with NoseWheel which states otherwise.
The content and the software that is made available to you at no cost, are protected by copyright. It may not be copied, distributed, hired, leased or used in any other way other than for non-commercial purposes, unless you have an Agreement with NoseWheel that states otherwise.
Any violations may incur consequences relating to trademark, copyright or anti-competition law or other legal consequences.
Unless otherwise agreed, all user rights to works arising from the copyright are the sole property of NoseWheel.
A Licence Agreement may, for example, be construed as an Agreement with NoseWheel which states otherwise.

11. Data Protection
NoseWheel's Data Protection Policy is based on the principle of maintaining data confidentiality and has the protection of personal data as its central concern.

-12. Linking and Framing
The use of linking and framing is subject to the terms on Linking and Framing.

13. Use of Software
The www.NoseWheel.com website features software that you can download. This software is subject to both the copyright terms and the terms of the Software Licence Agreement.
You may not download or use the software until a Software Licence Agreement has been created and you have read and accepted the terms of the Software Licence Agreement.

14. Hyperlinks
The hyperlinks that appear on the www.NoseWheel.com website are a service provided by NoseWheel website users.
They help you to access information quickly and simplify the search for contents.
NoseWheel accepts no liability whatsoever for the linked websites and their contents. NoseWheel has no influence of any kind over the design of or modifications to these websites, nor over the content they offer.
Hyperlinks to www.NoseWheel.com simply refer to third-party contents, but do not make any evaluation of that content.
In particular NoseWheel accepts no liability whatsoever for the correctness, completeness, legality, objectivity or up-to-dateness of the content.
Users take sole responsibility when accessing information from hyperlinks on www.NoseWheel.com.

15. Conclusion of Contract
The information displayed on the www.NoseWheel.com website for the purchase of products and services and for downloading software merely represents a request for submission of a quotation.
The quotation is drawn up by the www.NoseWheel.com website user.
NoseWheel explicitly reserves the right to decline submitted quotations without stating any reason.
The absence of a response does not mean that the quotation has been accepted.

16. Guarantee
NoseWheel offers no guarantee of any kind for the correctness, completeness, legality, objectivity or up-to-dateness of the content offered on the www.NoseWheel.com website.
NoseWheel reserves the right to carry out adjustments, alterations and deletions to the website in its entirety and the content presented on it at any time and without notice.
No guarantee is offered in particular for the correctness, completeness and up-to-dateness of the content displayed on the Website relating to products and prices or for the availability of the advertised products (goods, services, software etc.).
NoseWheel would like to emphasise that users in countries where the legislation does not permit such caveat emptors or only permits them to a limited extent, are not affected by the above provision or only affected to a limited extent.

17. Liability
NoseWheel or third persons or companies who have a business or other relationship with NoseWheel accept no liability whatsoever for damages of any kind (including actual damages, lost profits, frustrated applications, damage to data, loss of data, loss of trade, legal expenses and drawing up of contract), arising from use of the website, from temporary or long-term inability to use the website (downtime), from limited availability of the website or its content, from errored representation of contents, from the display of third-party contents or from the display of hyperlinks at www.NoseWheel.com.
NoseWheel accepts no liability whatsoever in the event of damage to or destruction of hardware, software and other system data resulting from the use of the www.NoseWheel.com website or its contents. This provision shall apply irrespective of the legal basis used to make the claim, irrespective of the degree of fault and irrespective of the question as to whether NoseWheel or the third parties in a business or other relationship with NoseWheel were or should have been aware of the possibility of damage.
In particular no liability is accepted for contractual or extra-contractual claims. NoseWheel explicitly emphasises that users in countries where the legislation does not permit such liability disclaimers or permits them only to a limited extent are in no way affected by the above provision or affected only to a limited extent.

18. Application of Law
The www.NoseWheel.com website is supervised, operated and administrated by NosWheel Head Office which is located in the U.S. at 19801 Wilmingdon/Delaware, 101 North Frenchstreet.
The www.NoseWheel.com website and the content it displays are accessible and can be used all over the world.

NoseWheel accepts no liability whatsoever for the legality of the www.NoseWheel.com website and the content displayed on it from the point of view of other legal systems and their relevant statutory provisions.
The use of the www.NoseWheel.com website and its content in countries other than U.S. is the sole responsibility of the user.
The user also assumes sole responsibility for observing the relevant statutory provisions of other legal systems. In particular, users are responsible for observing the respective export regulations when using the ww.NoseWheel.com website.
NoseWheel reserves all rights in the event of contraventions and will instigate both criminal and civil legal action in pursuit of legal infringements.

Use of the www.NoseWheel.com website is subject to the Law of the State of the NoseWheel Head Office.
Sole court of jurisdiction for any claim arising from and in respect of the use of the website, and for any dispute arising in respect of the use of the website shall be that of the head quarter of NoseWheel.
NoseWheel shall also be entitled to institute legal proceedings at the place of residence or business of the user of the www.NoseWheel.com website.

19. Amendments
NoseWheel reserves the right to amend and to update these Terms of Use at any time without notice. The relevant amendment of these Terms of Use is binding.
www.NoseWheel.com website users are advised to read the Terms of Use and associated legal notices at regular intervals to keep themselves informed of any new amendments.

-20. Brand names and Copyright
All mentioned brand names and product names at the www.NoseWheel.com website, other than NoseWheels own trade marks, service marks, trademarks, or registered trade marks are trade marks, service marks, trademarks, or registered trade marks of their respective owners.
NoseWheel is not associated with any of the vendor products or services, other than NoseWheels own product and services, mentioned.


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