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Check-in and Boarding with Imaging of Passengers and Baggages
Passenger Preparation, pre-seating, SSR handling, paxlists to PNL conversion ...
Advance Passenger Information System-APIS/EDIFACT (US Requirements)- stand alone and as part of EDIX (message/communication)
offline preprinting...
Off-line pre-printing of boarding passes and baggage tags in quantity



OBP prints boarding passes (PSC1722c) in quantities with departure airport, flight number, class, date, time, arrival airport and airline. A special text remark can be issued on the boarding pass.

OBP can supply the boarding pass with relevant PNL data on reqest.

The boarding pass will optionally have the passenger name, security number and,if available, seat and smoking identification. This can be accomplished for out-and inbound flights if required.

OBP is useful for bulk check-in where passenger names and seats can be added manually if nedded.

OBP prints boarding passes complying with the IATA PSC 1722c standard. If you have a magnetic strip on your boarding pass, it will be issued by OBP.

The boarding pass layout (defined by the PECTAB) can easily be modified by ADS to suit any boarding pass format.

Printing of single RUSH TAGS is also possible

OBT prints baggage tags (PSC740)
in quantities with continuos tag numbers, date, handling agent, arrival flight number, arrival airport and if needed via flight number and via airport.

OPT is useful for check-in together with OBP-printed boarding passes.

Enter airline name, flight number, date, final destination, via IATA code, via flight number, tag number and how many baggage tags you need.

OBT prints the baggage tags complying with the IATA PSC 740 standard.

The baggage tag layout (defined by the PECTAB) can easily modified by ADS to suit any baggage tag format.


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