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Airport Traffic & Operation Control Flight & Passenger Information Display
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Baggage Reconciliation System


AFIDS provides a PC-based Flight Information System, incorporating the latest in multimedia display technologies.

AFIDS interface control to LED/LCD boards. The system folows the latest IATA recommendations and is easy-to-use.

AFIDS is capable of supporting any combination of the following information display subsystems:
  • Flight Information - arrival and departure

  • Gate Information

  • Baggage Information

  • Ticket Counter Information

  • Ramp Information

  • Passenger Information

  • Aircraft and Operational Service Fee Information

AFIDS operating system is Windows 95 and uses an SQL Server Database. The database is fully redundant with data restoraion within three seconds of a power failure.

A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is used for administrering all aspects of the system operation, flight information displays, system administration and maintenance and reporting tasks.

AFIDS has been design to use standard LAN technology and FDDI networking.

AFIDS is modular in design and is easily capable of supporting additional monitors like PHILIPS Widescreen.



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