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Airport Traffic & Operation Control Flight & Passenger Information Display
Customized on special Request
Baggage Reconciliation System

DCS Independent Baggage Reconciliation System
Win NT/9x, Client/Server, SQL - Open System Architecture
COBRA, tread-safe, multi platforms Unix/Win NT/9x


DIRECT follows and fulfils ICAO Annex 17 and IATA recommendations.

DIRECT is based on positive baggage passenger match and can
seamless interface to any ANSII SQL Database.

The system can function with all IATA compliant DCS systems, uses the IATA-format bar-coded baggage tag and the IATA baggage service messages to gain an easy-to-use reconciliation process.

DIRECT gets the baggage and passenger information from:

  • Check-In
  • Screening/Security

  • Conveyor/Check-Point

  • Sorting

  • Boarding

  • SITA messages

  • Lost & Found system
DIRECT reports the baggage information (compact and in-detail) to:
  • Check-In / Boarding

  • Load Control Weight & Balance

  • Lost & Found

  • Security

  • SITA Network

  • Airport Operations Database system
DIRECT functions are:

Baggage LOAD:
Scanner, Smart-chip, Data-entry, etc. (ULD, HOLD, Section, etc...)

Baggage SEARCH:
Sniffer and broadcast

Baggage MATCH:
Live bags (match & no-match), Dead-bags (forwards), Baggage status
Baggage DIRECT:
Directs baggage to the "correct" flight
Baggage LIST:
Screen, Lists, Message, etc...
Baggage status, Stage, Transfer and graphical overview


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